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Think about this a moment... more people will see this portrait than ANY OTHER PHOTO you ever have taken!  So you really want to be thrilled with it?  Right?
    Well, research as proven that the two major things that are important to high school senior girls and  guys concerning their senior portrait is that
1.) You look fantastic in the photo, and

2.) You also want the portrait to have some kind of "artistic quality" to it.  That is, yes, you look really beautiful in the photo, but then also, the photograph looks beautiful as well.  There should be a three dimensional feeling to it, and there's quality to the light. And your personality comes through.

    And at John Gregory Photography we are going to do everything we can to help your senior portraits have that special        "Sparkle."

3.)  You of course need to prepare clothes to wear. There is really no limit on how many outfits that is up to you- the average is three. Please remember the camera does tend to add some weight to most people, so a slimming outfit is always a good choice.  Avoid those horizontal stripes. Think about accessories like necklaces, shoes, belts, tiaras, tribal robes, etc  Ladies your may rock tube tops and spaghetti straps but they can make posing difficult, therefore please don't pack them for the shoot. If you cannot make up your mind, then bring it, and we can help you choose.

4.) We retouch all our portraits free of charge.  So, gals and guys don't worry about blemishes!  Yayy! Although, please go light on the makeup ladies, blend in foundation well and especially watch the eye make up, since it tends to run while on photo shoot location--And, ladies and guys please do not tan at least two to three days before your shoot date. 

5.) If your nervous, don't worry we are very friendly and professional.  We will make you as comfortable as possible. We hope to make your photo shoot painless and even fun! 

6.) Lastly,  please bring whatever prop might state in an image what you are about.  Show some personality and style! Bring your soccer ball, guitar, paint brushes, viola, trophies, hot new car, cool old car, skateboard, etc...Whatever is YOU! Cats, dogs and other pets can be a part of your session for no extra charge. Please let me know ahead of time if we need to work at a special location for your pet.

We do not overbook ourselves so that we can time with each and every client.  Honestly, working with a photographer who photographs hundreds of seniors is not going to probably result in images that you are thrilled with.  He just doesn't have the time to be creative, and to really treat you with special care.  The result could be that you're terribly disappointed.

Plus, the "Photo Factory" mentality is not going to allow you the time to relax therefore the results are certainly not going to be the best.

One of the unique things which separates us from all of the other photographers in the area, is that we always want to create locations, settings and backgrounds that you will love for your photographs.  Beautiful locations and settings that will separate your photographs from all your other friends' photographs, so it doesn't look like you went to a "photo factory" to have your senior portraits created where everyone looks the same.  We have wonderfully creative and beautiful settings that make your portraits truly outstanding!

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please call or email us today.  John Gregory looks forward to taking your  Senior Portrait.


With Studios in Smithfield, NC and Carolina Beach, NC, we cover all of Eastern North Carolina from Interstate-95 East to the Atlantic Ocean. If you're looking for photographic masterpieces for your senior portraits, give us a call and we'll give you a most reasonable price. Phone: 910.458.5590. Hours: Noon to 6:00 PM daily.


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